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필리핀 홀덤 포커
필리핀 마닐라 세부 앙헬레스 APT APPT 등 홀덤 포커 여행- PHILIPPINES POKER

APPT Manila 13 필리핀 마닐라 포커 토너먼트

장소 : 오카다 리조트



Festival Dates: July 27-August 6, 2023

Key Tournaments & Tournament Schedule

Click here for the full schedule of tournaments along with tournament structures

APPT Kickoff: July 27-29 2023 - PHP 20,000 - PHP 3,000,000 Guarantee

APPT National: July 29-August 1, 2023 - PHP 35,000 - PHP 5,000,000 Guarantee

APPT Manila Super High Roller: August 1-2, 2023 - PHP 500,000

APPT Main Event: August 3-6, 2023 - PHP 65,000 - PHP 20,000,000 Guarantee

APPT Superstack: August 5-6, 2023- PHP 40,000 - PHP 2,000,000 Guarantee

APPT High Roller: August 5-6, 2023 - PHP 250,000

The holding of the tournament and its schedule is subject to possible changes arising from the health situation (COVID-19) and subject to regulatory approval.


To view full details of how to buy-in to any tournament, click here.


PokerStars Live at Okada Manila
Zone D, New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City,
Paranaque, 1701 Metro Manila Philippines

Telephone: +(63) 2 8888 0777

Poker Room: +(63) 9 9567 3696

Email: manila@pokerstars.net

Dress code: Casual
Minimum age: 21 years+
NB: Everyone is required to present proof of vaccination upon entry to the casino. Players must bring a valid government issued passport or ID together with the Okada Rewards Circle Member Card to participate.


Carved on 42 hectares of picturesque oceanfront, Okada Manila is Entertainment City's iconic integrated resort. Stay, play, dine and relax all amid the luxurious comforts of a one-of-a-kind, masterfully created space for five-star pleasure and leisure.

For accommodation information, please visit: www.okadamanila.com/hotel. If you have any questions about accommodation, contact Okada Manila Room Reservations at


By Air

The nearest airport is Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is roughly 8km from the city center. The airport operates daily flights to and from most of the world’s largest cities. There are metered taxis, coupon fixed rate taxis and airport buses connecting the airport to Manila city center.

Be aware that there are four terminals in Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport and they are not connected to each other. Make sure you know which terminal your flight arrives or departs from.

Poker Room Cash Game/Event Safety Measures

PokerStars Live at APPT Manila focuses on the health and safety of its guests to provide a safe and memorable stay.

Below are the current measures implemented:


  • Optional wearing of face mask for players
  • All staff are fully vaccinated.
  • Safety Measure guidelines and digital posters displayed around the venue.
  • Frequent hand sanitation is required from all players. Hand sanitizers are available inside the poker room.
  • All players are to follow a high standard of hygiene, hand sanitising and clean practices whilst at the tables.
  • All poker table to intensify surface disinfection.
  • Okada Manila’s round-the-clock health clinic is available for emergency use.

If you have any questions, please contact our team at live@pokerstarslive.com.

PokerStars LIVE Manila offers 15 cash game tables with a wide range of limits to accommodate for every type of poker player. No Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Badugi are available from PHP 25/PHP 50/PHP 100/ PHP 200/ PHP 500 and above.


출처 https://www.pokerstarslive.com/appt/manila/


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1위 포커친구닷컴 116054점
2위 LPRO 17681점
3위 champ 15239점
4위 프로지망생DGS 12987점
5위 AAplayer 5671점
6위 풀팟티스트 3469점
7위 비수 2433점
8위 临战无败 679점
9위 김프로 409점
10위 조태풍 408점
11위 승짱 287점
12위 응애앵 174점
13위 PROK 166점
14위 US 160점
15위 NewDASK 141점
16위 AA홀덤 127점
17위 Tomdwanjr 111점
18위 Hawooli 111점
19위 필리핀홀덤가자 106점
20위 노팅엄 100점