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4월 1일 ~ 7일

필리핀 마닐라 오카다 밀리언 포커 토너먼트 홀덤 & 오마하 



PokerStars LIVE at Okada Manila will host the 5th edition of Okada Manila Millions. The 7 days series will run from April 1to 7 featuring 12 number events with over ₱11 Million in guaranteed prizes. The main event has 7 starting flights ₱5M Guarantee with an affordable ₱7,500 buy in. Okada Manila Millions saw the biggest main event entries 1,464 in Philippine history. Check out the schedule below and come join the action!



Click here for the event E-guide.



All tournaments are subject to regulatory approval.

All tournaments are No Limit Hold'em and allow multiple re-entries/re-buys unless otherwise specified as freezeout.

Guarantees are not applicable during typhoon.

3% of all tournament and satellite prize pools are held to offset tournament staffing costs.

All number events are Big Blind Ante Format.

All tournaments may have a day added or subtracted at Tournament Director discretion.

PokerStars LIVE reserves the right to cap the number of players per table / event based on regulatory approval.

Approximately 15% of the field on each Day 1 will finish in the money, and will receive a minimum pay-out , ITM players has the option to cashout at the end of each flight.

Players who qualify multiple time for Day 2 will only play their largest Day 1 stack , forfeited stacks receives minimum payout.

Main Event winner receives ₱120,000 APPT Main Event Package taken from the prize pool.

Mystery Bounty - One ₱75,000 APPT Manila Main Event entry will be added to the Mystery Bounty be taken from the prize pool.


텍사스홀덤 포커 커뮤니티 포커친구 https://pokerchingu.com

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